Our Story

Alibee is a multicultural team. Alibee started by sharing our different travel experiences: from backpacking to all inclusive resorts and we noticed a common aspect whatever the travel experience was: In all the countries we were travelling to, we noticed that host countries were adapting too much to travellers. We have all eaten an occidental breakfast in a hotel or done super organized visits with a bunch of other tourists coming from the same country as we are from taking selfies. We realized that when we were leaving the country we had accumulated more friends from our country than new friends from the country we were visiting.

Have you ever struggled to answer questions such as:
> How do local people live?
> What kind of food they enjoy?
> How do they have fun?
Well we have...

After asking ourselves those questions, we realised that in order to discover a country, travellers had to adapt to their host country rather than the opposite. By simply putting the process the other way around,the experience is pure magic and the solution to put this process the other way around is Alibee. Alibee was born to enable travellers like us to travel differently and experience local encounters, local housing & food. 

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