Cultural and authentic experience with Isaac

Local culinary experience . Local lifestyle . Cacao plantations


Asin Fosu

per person

"Staying with Isaac and the family that he lives with was the highlight of my trip to Ghana.
Not many things in my life touched me so much. Him and people that live around him welcomed me so warmly that I immediately felt like at home.
They shared their food with me, they shared their lives with me, their knowledge, their children."


May 2019

What to Expect?



⌇ House

⌇ Mattress

⌇ Dry toilets, Shower with rainwater

⌇ Stove, Indoor Fireplace, Gaz Tank


⌇ Phone Service Available



⌇ You will meet Isaac's friends who make you discover in immersion the local culture. You will discover how they live and have fun.

⌇ Discover cocoa plantations and the production process before reaching your plate

⌇ Learn how to carry heavy stuff on your head

⌇ Discover local markets

⌇ Experience an authentic rural lifestyle

⌇ Wash in rainwater, without electricity or basic equipment 



⌇ All included (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

⌇ Fufu, Banku, Rice ball, plantain and yaw, kokonte

⌇ Local cooking experience - amazing chefs that make magic out of nothing

⌇ Taste local fruit and vegetables that is ripe when you arrive

"And as a bonus I experienced love of a little child that was screaming and running away from me, because he has never seen white before when I arrived. In the afternoon, he happily fell asleep in my arms"


May 2019

What's Important to Know?

  • Number of Guests: 1 - 3
  • Languages: English, Twi
  • Comfort : 1/5
  • Physical level required: None
  • Checkpoint:  Saint Georges de la Mine: Elmina Castle

How Are You Contributing?

"We are two brothers who help each other as our mother dies when we were young and our father abandoned us, we have always struggled to stay out of misery and thanks to this Alibee journey, you will not only have fun, but highly contribute to pay for my brother's education in Europe"

Isaac Larbi

Alibee since 2019

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