Summer Equestrian Immersion with Emilie

Horse Riding . Trek . Hiking


Saint Augustin de Desmaures

per person

"Beautiful walk with Hervé.
The landscapes are breathtaking and the atmosphere was top in the group.
I recommend without hesitation. 👍🤗"

Julie Pyere

Oct 2018

What to Expect?



⌇ Condo

⌇ 2 x Regular Beds

⌇ Outdoor Fireplace, Shower, Heating, Toilet, WIFI



⌇ Teach you how to take care of animals, feed them, handle them, perform chores and chores for their well-being.

⌇ Daily equestrian activity will be proposed to you.

⌇ Hiking for several hours with a stop in the forest for dinner. Throughout this day we will teach you the safety rules for a horse traveler.

⌇ Learn to harness the horses of the stable for the daily work.

⌇ A day of initiation to TREC, including orientation in the forest and the crossing of natural obstacles on horseback."



⌇ Snacks & Lunch

⌇ Travelers will be self-reliant on making their meals, however fresh produce from the farm and neighboring farmers will be available.

⌇ These can vary from one season to another you can find a sampling of: Fresh eggs, vegetables and fruits of the garden, meat, etc.

What is Important to Know?

  • Number of Guests: 1 - 6
  • Languages: French & English
  • Comfort: 5/5
  • Physical level required: Medium
  • Checkpoint: Saint Augustin de Desmaures , QC

How Are You Contributing?

"My goal is to make people live beautiful equestrian experiences in respect of the horse"

Emilie Pare Baronet

Alibee's since 2019

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